Ethical data use

When it comes to the ethical use of data, there has been a lot of debate and discussion. With 2.5 quintillion records of data created every day, people are being defined by how they travel, surf the Internet, eat, and live their lives. We are in the midst of a “data revolution,” where individuals and organisations can store and analyse massive amounts of information rapidly. Leveraging data can allow for surprising discoveries and innovations with the power to fundamentally alter society: from applying machine learning to cancer research to harnessing data to create “smart” cities, data science efforts are increasingly surfacing new insights — and new questions.

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Vision & Values

Our mission is to help organisations realise the value of their data to drive business growth. Vision We want businesses across industries to work with us because they know that our innovative approach quickly delivers actionable insights. We want to equip businesses with the right selection of tools and techniques to harness their data and support business growth in a sustainable way. Values Intelligence We value the ability to be able to think carefully, consider options, test theories, fail fast and learn quickly

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