Vision & Values

By Oona Tillotson | November 23, 2018

Our mission is to help organisations realise the value of their data to drive business growth.


We want businesses across industries to work with us because they know that our innovative approach quickly delivers actionable insights. We want to equip businesses with the right selection of tools and techniques to harness their data and support business growth in a sustainable way.



We value the ability to be able to think carefully, consider options, test theories, fail fast and learn quickly


We find the best way to solve challenging digital transformation issues that businesses face. We look to the range of tools and techniques available to propose and deliver the right solutions


We act with consumer welfare in mind. We consider the impact of data use on the wider community and we actively encourage our stakeholders to do the same

Investing in people

We build data scientists who can understand the business challenges, have capability to analyse your data, and the visualisation skills to present a simple, compelling story.

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