Analytical Problem Solving

By Oona Tillotson | November 23, 2018

Data can tell you much, but only if you know how to use it effectively. After all, if you know how many people have signed up to your service, but not how many are actually using it, you can’t truly understand customer behaviour and prioritise your service improvements. Analytical problem solving can help you gather the right data and use it to solve real problems - if you can build the insights that will reveal the full story of your customers, and help give you the answers you want from your data.

Data science isn’t just about creating algorithms, writing code, or visualizing data. The first step is finding the right problem to solve. Many businesses are excited about using data to make better decisions, but most aren’t quite sure where to start. ACUMED Consulting provides you with the expertise to make sense of your data and use it to find insights that support business growth.

The team at ACUMED Consulting work with businesses to integrate analytical problem solving into the core of their business and help them become truly data-driven. Using a variety of methods, from anomaly detection and machine learning to clustering visualisation and stream processing, we can create customised tools, reporting and processes to help your business use the right data, implement meaningful change and train your team so that you keep data-informed decision making as the gold standard. Whether you have a specific problem you need to solve, or you just want to improve your business insights with up to date, accurate data, we can help.

To find out more about how your business could benefit from analytical problem solving, just get in touch with us. We like to talk.

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