About Us

ACUMED Consulting is a holistic, driven data science and business analytics consultancy, dedicated to helping businesses take advantage of the tools and information out there, and using them to drive their business forward. Our consultant led approach and deep knowledge of analytics means you get both world class expertise and a strategic approach to make the most of the data in your business. Founded in 2010, ACUMED Consulting has grown year on year, thanks to our ethical and analytical approach to data use throughout business processes. ACUMED Consulting is spearheaded by husband and wife team, Oona and Peter Tillotson.


Peter has been interested in data and how to use it since he was a boy. Having earned a PhD in Artificial Intelligence (specialising in Machine Learning for internet traffic routing), Peter spent over 20 years working for large consultancy firms, delivering technical solutions to that banking, social media, e-sports and gaming industries. His claim to fame is his analytics work on one of the biggest large-scale distributed computer games in the world (we won’t tell you which one). Peter is also a world class specialist in creating algorithms that work fast on large data sets, and helping businesses use that data to make better decisions. He regularly presents at conferences and is an avid believer in sharing your experience and insights with others.


Oona’s background is a little different. Having worked in the pharmaceuticals industry since 1997, she has a passion for improving operational processes, and understanding digital transformation, particularly in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Oona moved into consultancy in 2010, and despite the transition to Data Science, the pharmaceutical industry holds a special place in her heart. It’s the industry she loves to work in.

Oona is currently completing an Executive MBA and likes to use her expertise to support businesses, helping them understand the practical steps required to effectively manage business data, whether in Pharma or other industry sectors.