Areas of Expertise

At ACUMED Consulting, we specialise in using data science to drive progress, innovation and success within businesses. We have concentrated experience in Gaming Analytics, but have worked in cybersecurity, fraud detection, marketing, banking, insurance, telecommunications and government sectors too. Our experts are skilled in a range of data science and analytics areas including: Analytical Methods and Problem Solving Reducing dimensions Time series analysis Anomaly detection - finding unusual behaviour Machine Learning

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There are a lot of challenges that a business can encounter along their journey, and most of them can be solved by data. For example, encouraging customer purchases. To achieve this, you may want to understand your customer demographic: how much an average customer spends with you, what products or services they look at, how long it takes them to make a purchasing decision, and any factors influencing that decision. If you have that data, then you can analyse it, and use it to tailor your services.

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