By Oona Tillotson | November 23, 2018

If you have data analytics capability within your organisation, ask yourself, how often do you use it? Does the capability have the right skill sets for your business case? Are you relying on the data that your systems provide to make informed decisions about your business, or are you not sure whether you are joining the right data, what that data means and whether you can trust it?

Don’t worry, a lot of businesses are in the same boat. It’s one thing to have data available at your fingertips, and quite another to really understand and engage with it. But with the right knowledge, you could use the tools you already have to make a real difference to your business. That’s why training is such an essential part of building up your ability to make the most of your data. We offer a range of training courses and workshops designed to help everyone, from the business analyst who want to learn the latest data science techniques to executives who want to understand how their data can impact their business. We can help you understand the uses of data science inside your business, create an agile project map and an integration plan for impactful data science projects in your business.

At ACUMED Consulting, we have world-class expertise in big data, algorithmic programming and analytical data usage on hand, ready to pass on all of their expert knowledge to you. Our bespoke training programmes are designed to tackle all of the information you need (and some you didn’t know you needed) to really understand and capitalise on the data you already have in your business, along with practical skills and knowledge to put it into practice. We can also help you and your employees gain the insight you need to ask the right questions of your internal stakeholders & customers, and the skills needed to access and understand the businesses data that can answer their questions. By increasing their knowledge of back-end systems within the business, employees will be able to get ‘hands-on’ with that valuable data, and deliver data-driven advice, solutions and marketing that ultimately improve the health and profitability of your business.

To find out more about our training courses, just get in touch with us today.

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